About us

Q Sea stands for :

-  Recruitment Support
-  Project Management Support
-  Hydrographic Survey Consultancy

The service of Q Sea is based on an international network of clients and people who we have served in the  hydrographic survey industry for many years. The business remains personal with a technical approach to support  the industry with Senior Personnel.

Recruitment Support
As the industry is moving forward with the latest technology, we can assist clients with our international recruitment  experience in providing services, especially to clients who are looking to fulfill new functions within their organization. Our Policy is to discuss the function description with candidates before proposing them to clients so that only suitable candidates are referred.

All enquires are sent to our sister company Skilltrade who will provide all information from the introduction of  hydrography through to project management courses, see: www.skilltrade.nl
Project Management Support and Consultancy Services
We have built-up a reputation to support project management requirements as we have proven to understand the clients’ needs and to be responsible for what we propose and supply. With an interesting group of well experienced Consultants, we are able to support and assist projects from design, procedures and supervision to close outs based on the client's project requirements.
Service contracts are supported with our insurances, together with full administration and taxation
For Clients who are interested in finding out more about our services, we would be pleased to hear from you. For Candidates who would like to apply for a position, we will be pleased to receive your resume by email. We can assure you that each candidate will be treated with care and all information will be handled personally with great confidence.
You can find a list of vacancies by visiting our link: http://www.skilltrade.nl/

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